About Britany Dovenor Health

"It is my mission to change the way you think about health and to empower you to create a healthy sustainable life, a life that brings you joy and leaves you feeling excited and energetic each and every day!"

What I Offer

  • In person 1-on-1

    Personal Training

    These sessions give you confidence in the gym, accountability to your goals and provide you with good exercise that will carry you along your health and fitness journey.

  • Holistic health & Habit Coaching

    Struggling with your diet, sleep and habits such as; water intake, portion control, self-care routine, and more. I'll create a plan to keep you accountable and reach your goals.

  • Online Fitness Programs & Coaching

    I create personalised workouts and weekly plans for you to complete in your own time, with video explanations for all exercises provided.

The Zesty Life Podcast

The Zesty.png

Are you ready to feel zesty?

The Zesty Life is a podcast for those looking to live their best, most zesty life. Hosted by Britany Dovenor this podcast aims to give you the skills, knowledge and tools to feel more confident, energetic, strong and healthy life. With weekly episodes and expert guests this podcast makes the ‘zesty life’ accessible to anyone, anywhere.


"My life is getting a bit zestier and I'm NOT one bit mad! Thank you Britany for creating such an awesome [platform to make us all a bit more zesty!" 

- Stef

"This podcast is fantastic. There are some really great tips in here that I'm definitely going to try out. Thank you"

- Meggann

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