Hi, I'm  Britany Dovenor

Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer

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After completing 6 years of university, landing a full time job in medical research and finding my now husband I thought I had it all. Which left me asking, "Why am I so miserable, uninspired and forever tired". After realising these symptoms were due to poor health I did what I do best. I begun researching and then experimenting with different diets, exercises and spiritual practices. As the years ticked on this research became my passion and then finally my purpose. Years, certificates and many lessons learnt, I am now confident and ready to share my experiences and knowledge with you. 


It is my mission to help you create a healthy sustainable life, a life that brings you joy and leaves you feeling excited and energetic each and every day! 


  • Holistic Health Coach Certificate - The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness - Australian Fitness Academy 

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