I am really excited for this year, probably more excited for this year than I have been going into any other year. It could be partly due to the fact that I am all loved up, well rested and feeling energetic, but I really believe it has more to do with the very first lesson I have learnt this year.

Only a couple of weeks have gone by and I have already learnt a very important lesson. Throughout the end of 2018 I was going through some changes and shifts. I could tell I was growing as a person and I really wanted to express this but really felt I couldn't. I couldn't tell you what happened to elicit such an epiphany but while I was pouring out all the thoughts in my head, one phrase stood out. Once these words were on paper it rang so loud and clear to me.

Your past may shape who you are but your past does not define you.

So true, right! Realising this, especially so early on in the year has been so liberating. Actually hearing and processing this has really been key into the mindset change I am now bringing into this year. Already I have noticed a freedom in myself and with that have even changed some of my goals for this year.

For as long as I can remember I always said I was going to be a veterinarian. I grew up in love with animals, always intrigued and passionate about their care and welfare. This love led me to move out of home at 18 into the crazy city of Sydney. Here I started a 5 year journey where I walked out of university with a bachelors degree and honours in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience. Fast forward a couple of years and while I am not a vet, that passion led me into a fabulous job caring for animals. I still work in that same job now, and while I have learnt more and have more responsibility, the fire and passion that was once burned has now dulled. Although I still love animals in all shapes and sizes and will, for the rest of my life, turn into a child every time I see a puppy, my passion has shifted.

My excitement and passion is really now grounded in health and wellness. For so long I have been feeling this shift of energy however I have been scared to express it. I have put so much work into my current life; all the goals, the degree, the money spent and the image I created. What has been hardest of all is to express my passion for health because I am scared that this changes the appearance and story I have written for myself. I have really been living in a state of mind that I have chosen my future and while I may want to venture off it is too late to do so. I know how ridiculous this sounds but I would bet money that many others have felt or still feel this way. Even now, writing this, I still feel scared, anxious and guilty about changing the perception of who I am. I am worried that no one will take me seriously, that somehow people will see through my intentions and label me a fraud. So this year my goal is to really express my true self, to stop hiding and to rewrite my future and image.

A big part of this goal includes me going back to studying. While I already do a lot of my own research, be it listening to podcasts, reading books or finding new articles and papers on recent health discoveries, I am so excited to say I will be completing a health coaching course this year. I am so thrilled to be able to say that I am truly moving into this space, that I will be taking my passion for health and wellness and making it my focus. I will be learning and training not only to improve my life and sate my thirst for knowledge but also help others with their lives.

It is so common these days to see people struggling, whether it be mentally or physically and with so much constantly changing, it is no wonder. I myself have and still struggle with the pressures of this constantly evolving world and while I am driven to finding tools to heal myself from pains, negativity and processed crap I would also love to pass that on. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling fresh and energised, imagine that constant feeling of stress and anxiety dissolving and feel the perpetual pains of life subsiding. These are just some of the issues I want to learn to solve and this year will be the year I start to do so.

I am so excited for this year because I am finally giving myself permission to chase after this passion. I am allowing myself to go off and learn more, so I can help myself and others, and finally I am allowing myself be reinvented. My past may have shaped the person I am today but it does not have to dictate the person that I am tomorrow or in the future. I still love animals, I forever will, but I will no longer let that focus of my past dictate the person I feel I should be. I am exited to stand strong, excited to reestablish myself and thrilled to show others that they can do the same also. Here's to 2019, a year of change, growth and acceptance!