Beneficial Habits To Include In Your Life

Quick little changes you can make today to improve your over all health and wellbeing.

Readers be advised, I am no health guru! I am just your average woman also on my own health journey. My long term goal is to life a healthy sustainable life. I want to nourish my body, expand my mind, increase my strength, age graciously and through my experiences I hope to help others do the same. So keeping that in mind I have not mastered any of these habits. Some just might not align with my daily life, some are on my list of things to do and others are habits I would love to conquer though sometimes I am just a little slack with (#4). This is not a list of things you need to do to live a happy and healthy life. These are just some ideas that might inspire you to make some small changes in your life.

Repeat. You do not need to master all of these! Decide what is applicable to you and your goals, work with what makes you feel happier and healthier.

Here we go...

  1. Drink more water - recommended daily intake for women is about 2 litres with extra glasses if you exercise

  2. Go to bed and wake up around the same time

  3. Get approximately 8hrs of sleep a night

  4. Reduce the amount of processed food in your diet

  5. Move or workout daily - even if its just a little stroll, it doesn't always have to be a sweaty session lifting weights at the gym

  6. Take time to intentionally breathe or meditate

  7. Track your food/macros/calories - when I started doing this I couldn't believe how much I was actually eating and what a real serving size is. I use an app called LifeSum but there are plenty of apps out there

  8. Wear sunscreen daily

  9. Take at least 10,000 steps a day - this is the number of steps that if you are not reaching you are considered to live a sedentary lifestyle.

  10. Enjoy the sun

  11. Be kind to yourself

  12. Be kind to others

  13. Write yourself a plan for the day - this way you know what you want to achieve and you can tick them off as they are done

  14. Appreciate nature

  15. Increase the amount of fresh fruit and veg in your diet

  16. Observe, try not to judge - we are all just trying to live life

  17. Reduce stress in your life

  18. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  19. Try yoga - great for movement goals and the mind

  20. Take responsibility for yourself

  21. Plan your meals

  22. Make your bed - You just completed a goal within the first few minutes of waking up, now you're in the right mind frame to continue smashing out your day

  23. Don't go food shopping when you are hungry

  24. Get regular doctor/dentist/health check ups

  25. LADIES! Pap smear tests, you just have to do it - trust me, its better to know there is an issue and to get it sorted out sooner rather than later

  26. Read more

  27. Try a new form of exercise - the best exercise for you is the on you enjoy and are going to do consistently

  28. Reduce your screen time - this includes your phone, computer, tv...

  29. Laugh more

  30. Be more grateful - List a few things each day that you are grateful for this will put you in a better mind frame for the day.

I think 30 different little habits are probably enough to start with and hopefully inspire. Again a few of these I am really working on and some are on my list of things to tackle. Each of these little habits could have incredible side effects in life. If you would like further information and a more in depth look at these habits and how they may help shape your life, comment below. I love learning more and I believe education is a great tool to motivate and encourage change.

Comment below and questions or even small habits that have changed your life.

Thanks for reading you incredible creatures!