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Are you after that glorious round orb that Beyonce struts around with. Maybe you are one of the many who have bought into various big booty programs and been left sweaty, frustrated and with growth only in their thighs. If so read on, I'm here to help you get that peachy butt of your dreams!

It wasn't so long ago that I heard there had been many women who had died due to cosmetic surgery to make their butts bigger. That seemed crazy to me, yes, I like anyone else wants a booty as round and plump as J-Lo and Kim K's, but surgery is a bit much, isn't it? Any surgery is expensive and has a long list of complications and issues, not to mention the scars and now possible death. Unlike a breast augmentation (which I have considered), your butt is all muscle and with good training, persistence and a decent diet you can sculpt your derrière into what ever size and shape you would like, no scars!

The glutes are the muscles of your booty and when these bad boys are worked out correctly will create a firmer, rounder, larger and more voluptuous butt. Now, that is all good and well for me to say but maybe you are someone who has been consistently working on their behind. You have purchased many different online programs from gorgeous round booty insta-babes and seen no improvement. You put in the work but it doesn't work. I can see how that would be super frustrating. Firstly, I applaud you for doing the work, unfortunately maybe you bought into the wrong program (one full of donkey kicks). Sometimes you will find a program with the correct exercises and yet you still may fail to see results. You may see your thighs start getting larger before your butt ever seems to do much, so you stop. I totally feel you, I've been there too! After a lot of research and practice I now know, to fully maximize and get the most out of the glutes you need to be working the muscles in their full range of motion at the correct rep ranges with the right amount of weight and with activation. Sounds like a lot right, well let's break this down.

Ask any good personal trainer and they will agree that the best and most effective exercises to build your booty are; barbell squats, deadlifts, lunges and hip thrusts. Now before you start pumping out multiple reps of each, know that to create the most effective session you need to also think about the amount of weight or resistance you are going to pick, as well as reps and the most difficult - activation of the right muscles.

The best range of repetition for building muscle is less than 20 reps, anything higher will only increase your endurance. For best results over a 2-3 month period you want to change up your weights and range. This is also referred to as volume (reps x sets x weight), changing up your volume over time will send continuous messages to your body to continue growing and adapting in that area. The different rep ranges are 2-6 repetitions at a heavy weights, 8-12 repetitions at a moderate weight and 15-20 repetitions at a lighter weight. Train in one repetition range for 2-3 weeks and then change it up. Muscle growth is all about adaptation and to get the best results you really want to optimise the messages you are sending your body.

Another really effective way to speed up and optimise your results is through frequently training. All muscles respond better with higher frequency of exercise, if you are someone who trains legs/butt one day a week, take all the exercises you do in that one session and break them up into 3 different sessions. Doing this with all your body part (upper body, lower body, abs) exercises will ensure the muscle adaptation, toning, growth and strength is at its best.

Full range of motion, it is important to workout the entirety of muscle to get the best and most effective results. To use your glutes on their full motion range you need to go as far down as you can in your exercises without compensating on control and good form. Sometimes this means you need to reduce your weights, don't worry, you will see more improvement and progress using less weights and increasing range of motion than you will see using a heavier weight at a shorter motion range. Especially if you are not focusing on good form and control.

Finally, activation is key. Many people, myself at times still, can not 'feel' their butt. This is because we have stopped 'priming' these muscles. Priming helps to turn on the muscles to engage with them and really direct all work and effort to these areas. This is the reason why many ladies pushing out heavy squats will grow their thighs over their butts. Generally it easier to 'turn on' or activate the quads over the glutes, so all your hard work is being picked up by your legs and not your behind. Taking time to prime the glutes will not only increase you mind-muscle connection but also allow you to focus your hard work to the muscles that you actually want to improve.

Here is a little guide to incorporate in your weekly workout scheduled.


Prime - band walks. Go slow, take 15 steps in both directions (L/R), do 3 sets

Barbell squats - 3 sets at your chosen rep range

Barbell hip thrusts - 3 sets at your chosen rep range


Prime - body weight floor bridges, focus on the squeeze, do 3 sets of 20 reps

Deadlifts - 3 sets at your chosen rep range

Lunges - 3 sets at your chosen rep range


Prime - hip abduction machine, 3 sets of 15 reps

Deadlifts - 3 sets at your chosen rep range

Barbell squats - 3 sets at your chosen rep range

That's it, be consistent and mindful for 60 days. Fuel your progress with adequate protein and calories and see that glorious butt fill out. Make sure to measure your booty before you start so you can really see all your hard earnt progress. Now babe, go out and build your best booty!

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