Find Your Happiness

Are you chasing that exploding high of a truly joyous moment and ultimately are disappointed as it constantly eludes you? Well this post is for you. You have all the tools to create your own happy! First step forget your goal of continuous firework happiness. Second step, read on...

Happiness, its an emotion that everyone seems to be chasing. There are books, podcasts and courses out there all promising to give you back your happy, but your happy never left. Happiness is a state of being that we all want for ourselves and our families. But contrary to popular belief, happiness is not as elusive as you may think. Majority of people chasing happiness don't have a happiness problem but an issue with their ability to be at ease as well as their perception.

Happiness can be a joyous and beautiful experience, one where the world seems to light up and truly glow, however this is happiness in only one of its forms (firework happiness). Contentment is another form of happiness. Contentment appears when we are at rest. When there are no immediate goals or tasks to attend to, your inner-self is at peace and everything has a kind of brilliance to it, that is contentment. To introduce more happiness into our lives we need to understand that happiness isn't all fireworks all the time, because let's be honest, that would be exhausting. When we are presented with a moment of stillness or quiet many of us don't know how to respect this time and welcome in contentment. Worrying about the next task and other issues that arise will burst your contentment bubble, leading you to feelings of distress and anxiousness. Sound familiar?

I know I fall into this trap. Maybe I just completed a project for work, ticked off everything on my to do list, finished up at the gym, am on my yoga mat or I am walking in nature. I really try to stop worrying about my next task and take a moment to appreciate what I have already achieved. Taking time to pause before pushing forward and conquering that next challenge will not only allow you time to find more contentment but will also leave you fresh for your next task.

Please know though, that you don't always have to keep building. Being human beings we love to create new things and build empires. I mean if we were all content with the world we live in we would still be in caves and not have aeroplanes and skyscrapers, Thermo mixes and iPhones. But our minds can get lost in this realm of creativity and work, we lose sight of the original goal and descend into an area of disappointment. Our minds were build to create things and to drive us forward, however that doesn’t have to be and shouldn't always be your life. Absolutely create, but also time for leisure and rest. Know that you are doing something very important even when you take a step back and recharge.

Contentment is happiness, it’s being at peace with yourself and being grateful for what you have, relish in that gorgeous moment. Hopefully you have both fireworks and the restfulness in your repertoire of happy, but don't get confused either, there will be lows. In fact these times should also be appreciated and respected for what they are. Don't get me wrong, when someone is rude to you, you crash your car, lose your job or say your final goodbyes to a loved one, you don't have to be happy about it. These things suck! Feel those ugly emotions of anger and grief, giving yourself permission to feel this pain and irritation gives you space later to move from this experience and to grow. These lows should be respected as they are what give your highs such height.

Understanding that feelings of sadness as just as important as happiness can be strange but this is where you can alter your perception to further increase happiness. Knowing that life is going to be hard but you can get through it will give you confidence. Changing your perception is a great way of changing your focus and allows more happiness to seep into your life. The world is not against you and if you open your heart to peace and gratitude, love and contentment you will find more joy and happiness in your life. When you start to see more beauty you feel more beauty, you start to see more joy you will feel more joy. Peace becomes more abundant when you allow time for it. Change your mindset, take time to allow calm to settle in and watch the happiness flood in.

Now smile, you've got this!