Finding Inspiration In Yourself

A recent phone call with my sister go me thinking about our individual journeys. Everyone has their own story with their own ups and downs, but it's what one does with these life lessons that matters most. It's time to realise you can be your own inspiration, be proud of everything you are and continue smashing your goals!

Just over a year ago now I was rushed to hospital with an infection that had gotten so bad I needed surgery. Post surgery I had a host of issues; fluid in my lungs, continual low blood pressure, an open wound, a very low immune system, digestive problems and a list of heavy medications and antibiotics I needed to help me through the healing process. It took 3 weeks for my major symptoms to fade and my body to heal (that includes a weeks stay in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital). It then took another few months to get comfortable in my own body again, get my strength back up and move the way I had been prior to the infection. It then took about a year to work out my digestive system, and even then I believe I am still finding some issues. At that time I was scared, fragile and extremely sad. My biggest fear now is having to go through something like that again.

Not surprisingly, after this experience my daily goals and interests now surround improving my health. Long term, my goal is to create a flexible and sustainable lifestyle. A lifestyle that on a daily basis compliments my body and helps me to thrive. Easier said than done right! I won’t lie, my healthy comeback has been one roller-coaster of a ride. I, like everyone else, go through periods where my health is on point, I gym often, eat amazingly and I feel like freaking wonder woman. Other times I indulge in too much alcohol and sugar, I forgo exercise and skip out on sleep. I feel lazy and thats when my self hater starts to show her ugly head.

It's time to realise you can be your own inspiration, be proud of everything you are and continue smashing your goals!

As I laid in that hospital bed, hooked up to multiple beeping machines and various IV lines I decided I didn’t want to go through this again. I didn’t really understand before that low point, just how much I took feeling energetic and well for granted. In the past I have definitely taken my body and health for granted but the truth is at times, even now, I still do. Now and again I can be found scrolling Instagram, comparing my body to others and shaming myself. Occasionally I'll have the ugly thought I am not good enough and may never be. It is in these moments I have to try and give myself a break. It's these times that I need to remind myself of how I got here and why I chose to make health my priority. I try to remind myself of my own self promise. I promised that I was going to do everything in my power to led my best life, to be truly grateful and cherish every opportunity.

Good health and wellbeing can be elusive and hard to maintain. Sometimes reminders of why these ideas are so important can serve as motivation. Motivation to continue perusing these passions and empowering yourself to greater feats. Although I am not a fan of searching and relying on motivation, I believe becoming your own inspiration is key to your success and ultimately self love. I hope through my story others may see that negatives in life can actually be positive and serve as a source of fuel and acceptance. By revisiting my lows, I can really highlight how far I have come. Even with stumbles backward I am pushing forward and gradually becoming the person I want to be.

Do you have a similar story? No matter if you have been in a worse situation, or even if your journey seems basic and straight forward, acknowledge your experiences and pull energy and love from these. Maybe you have a similar goal? Be it health, well-being or self love, these goals in themselves are tricky and should be respected as such. You are incredible just in the fact that you want to make change for yourself. Let's all be honest, change is a hard task! Take comfort in the fact that you are not the same person you were yesterday, or the day before that! You are constantly growing and learning. Be proud of where you have come from but even more proud of what you have become. Even when you feel like you have achieved nothing, take a step back, look back and recognise all that you have accomplished. Change is a long and delicate endeavour, you are truely astonishing just for dreaming up a better life for yourself. Be incredibly proud!!