Increase Your Odds Of Success By 95%

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” — Thomas S. Monson

Are you someone who is constantly making health goals but never sees results? Don't worry you are not alone, in fact until I started implementing this trick, I was stuck in the same old pattern. The reason we fall off track is because goals are hard, they take a lot of work, commitment and persistence. Not to mention, seeing results can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Without seeing results it can be easy to give up on the hustle and go back to old habits.

A study done by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) showed that there was a 65% increase in success when one was held accountable to their goals. A further increase to 95% success was shown when one was made accountable and set a time frame for their goal, creating a measure of liability. Think about it, when you tell your boss you will have the report on their desk by the end of the day, you do it. When you tell a client you will email them the information they need, you deliver. When you tell yourself you will eat healthier, complete your workouts, go to bed on time or quit smoking, you backslide. This is because you are not truly being held accountable for your actions. You can easily let yourself off the hook and again you are back to those lousy habits.

If you want to really increase your success rate you need to really commit to your goals, share your intentions with a friend and create a time frame that these goals can be completed by. Don't misunderstand me, just because you have set a date and have a close loved one backing you does not mean this is going to be easy. If cleaning up your diet or exercising regularly are your main aspirations it is going to take practice. Before agriculture, the first car, skyscrapers and uber eats, eating health and hitting the gym weren't aspects of life that needed to be contemplated. Evolution did not wire these instincts into us because before we began to build technology we simply didn't need them. Don't beat yourself up for not having incredible initial willpower and stamina, but take comfort in the fact that you can build it! These habits can be referred to as practices for a reason.

It's time to make a commitment, and not just to yourself!

Make sure you tell your chosen someone what you are aiming to achieve, create a realistic time frame, organise how you will measure progress, record this progress and establish times where you can communicate and check in. It may seem like a lot but this is where the 95% success rate comes in. If you are really serious about achieving your goals than this really shouldn't seem like extra work. Maybe you don't have a special someone who you feel comfortable to commit to. If you are feeling up to it you can always use social expectations to your advantage. That's right you can get on social media and show your progress there. The people watching will give you feed back and this can even be used to fuel your progress fire.

Incentives are another component of this success story. Incentives can spur you on to your goals, these incentives can either be positive or negative, really whatever you find more effective. A negative incentive might be that if you don't reach your goal by a certain time you will have to give up Netflix for a week, maybe you treated like a bet and now you have to pay up or simply, now all your friends know that you didn't met that goal. These may be very effective however I much prefer positive incentives. Positive incentives can be tricky though because this is where you can fall back into bad habits. An example of that, and what I have been guilty of, is eating healthy all week and because of that I allow myself chocolate, or a bottle of wine. Now there are many psychological issues with this idea and we can discuss them at a later date but really it just sets you right back to the start.

If your goal is to eat healthier than a good incentive would be to get yourself a manicure, you've consistently exercised all week, treat yourself with a massage. Maybe you do really want your treat to be chocolate, buy really good quality chocolate and enjoy it, just not the whole block in one sitting... The point is, if you have been consistent and you have worked hard you should be able to reward yourself, just try to keep it inline with your goals as to not revert back into old habits.

So as you read this I am sure I have either touched on goals you currently have, or you have been thinking about your own. Maybe you even have someone in mind who could be your accountable counter-part and hey, maybe you can be theirs. The idea is simple, give permission to someone to hold you accountable, someone you can check in with, set a time frame for your goal and make it something you can measure and record. For those of you who don't have someone in mind and don't want to venture out onto the wild social media web (that is what I did) I am offering my services.

I will help you define your goal, set up a timeline, discuss how we will measure your progress, check in with you regularly, be one text away always, I will provide you with information and inspiration and suggest healthy incentives along the way. I want to aid you to implement your own skills to achieve your goals, see you succeed and ultimately connect with you. If you are interested in having me assist you on your journey of success please go to the contact me section of this site and tell me so in the message box. It's time now to go off and succeed!