Introducing Britany Dovenor

What's next? Programs, eBooks, interviews and babies!

Almost a year and a half ago the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. A couple of weeks ago I became his wife. Up until that point I have loved every minute of being Britany Etheridge but I have to say I am so incredibly excited for the next chapter of my life. In the lead up to our wedding I was still completing my health coaching certificate, my personal training certificate, organising podcast episodes as well as working 2 jobs and calling wedding vendors. The last few months have been incredibly intense and stressful. Heck, the word stress doesn't even begin to describe how quickly I was flipping through emotions and wishing for more hours in the day. But here I am, still in lockdown but happy that I was able to accomplish all I set out to and even though we have all seen better days, I am ready to make all that hard work the start of my new chapter.

Introducing Britany Dovenor.

I am the wife to the love of my life, Dave Dovenor. I am an accredited Holistic Health Coach. I am a certified Personal Trainer. I am the host of a podcast called "The Zesty Life". I am passionate about health and creating freedom in ones life. But most importantly I am excited and completely grateful for everything that lead me to this point, because without the heartbreak, losses, years at University and lessons learnt I wouldn't be the person I am now, enjoying everything I have to celebrate (even if is from the confined comfort of my own living room).

So, what's next?

Because if you haven't noticed, I just can't seem to stop and slow down...

Program Releases

Yes, get excited because the next big thing for me will be to get my Health Coaching and PT programs out into the world. The main release will be my combined Health Coach and PT offering with 3 and 6 month programs. But keep your eyes peeled, with everything that is going on at the moment I will be creating and releasing other smaller programs and eBooks to help anyone and everyone achieve their idea of happy and healthy life.

Creating more

Recently I have been so busy that I feel like my creativity has taken a dive. Throughout the rest of the year I am excited to create more, whether that's through photography you may see on my instagram (@britanydovenor), blog posts, fun podcasts or programs and eBooks. I have so much inside of me that I want to get out into the world but it all takes time and if I have learnt anything over the last year, it is that the best things take time.

Talking to more incredible experts

One thing I have really loved doing during the start of this year, even at my busiest, was talking to experts and sharing these conversations on my podcast, The Zesty Life (@thezestylifepodcast). Not only has it been so much fun meeting many incredible minds, I have learnt so much and have had some really great feedback. So this is something I will definitely be continuing and if you have any topics or experts you would like to hear about please comment below. I'd love to get your ideas and opinions in this area.


Yes, BABIES! Now that the wedding is behind both Dave and I, we really want to start getting serious about creating our own little family. Although we have decided in the next couple of months we will only be 'practicing' and not 'trying' right away. I have been on contraception since I was 16 so I'm sure it will be a bit of a journey just getting my hormones in check. What I will start focusing on however, will be my optimal health and finding out as much as I can now about being pregnant and everything that comes with having babies. If anyone reading has a book, podcast, show or wisdom that you think would recommend please let me know!

Well, now you are up to date. 2020 has already been a big year but I am so excited to see what else it has to offer. This next decade is going to be epic!

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