6 Non-Physical Benefits Of Exercising Regularly

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for you. By exercising regularly you can maintain a healthy weight and reduce many risks for disease, but that is not all that exercise can offer you.

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that regular exercise is extremely beneficial for a healthy life. But let's be honest, making exercise a daily habit is hard, especially if you don't truely understand how incredible it is. There are very few habits in life that when made consistent will benefit almost every aspect of your life. That is exactly what regular exercising can do for you.

Regular exercise does so much more than helping you shed kilos and tone up!

I strongly believe that the best form of motivation is through learning and really understanding the ways we can optimise our health. So, if you don't already have enough reasons to get your butt to the gym, go for an evening walk or start taking the stairs over the lift, here are another 6...

1. Improved mood

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve ones mental health. An overall good mood can be achieved due to increasing the flow of blood to the brain which in turn releases endorphins. Endorphins such as adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are released when the body is physically exerted, these chemicals relax the body post exercise and increase your mood. It can also be argued that your mood can be affected due to having increased your self esteem and confidence.

2. Better sleep

Although it can take a couple of weeks for this side effect to become evident. Research shows that exercising regularly not only helps one fall asleep faster but it can also improve the quality of sleep. This can occur because when we work out our temperature rises and the fall later in the day triggers a ‘sleepy’ feeling. Not to mention your body will want to get some deep sleep to rest those tired muscles. But don’t go exercising too close to your bed time, this could have the reverse effect as adrenaline levels will be elevated.

3. Less stress

Regular exercise increases the concentration of norepinephrine in the body. This chemical controls the brains response to stress. Exercise not only reduces the effects of stress but better enables the body to also deal with stresses. Had a stressful day/week/month? Reset your mind with 30mins of sweaty work and feel the rest of the day calmly fly by. Extra bonus, a 30min exercise break can also improve ones productivity!

4. Brain power

Yep, as mentioned, exercise can boost your productivity, learning and memory! Exercise boosts brain performance by increasing the levels of brain proteins. While regular exercise has the added benefit of actually boosting the size of the hippocampus. An important part of the brain, the hippocampus is responsible for verbal memory and learning. 3 burpees for a larger brain!

5. More energy

Although spending energy to make energy seems counter intuitive, it all comes down to our cells. Mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell produces a chemical (ATP) that our bodies uses as energy. Regularly working out stimulates more mitochondria in the cells and therefore more ATP. Now that’s more energy for both your body and brain to function.

6. More self confidence

Not only does exercise result in a stronger, leaner, healthier body, it can help to remind us that our bodies are capable of really incredible feats. Ultimately our confidence and increase in self esteem doesn't and shouldn't always come from just our physical looks (although that can help too). Regular exercise is really you empowering yourself which will always provide an intoxicating flood of confidence. In fact feeling strong physically actually has some correlation to also feeling stronger mentally, so go get it girl!

Now these are only really the tip on the iceberg. Some other fantastic side effects may include, better sex, increased immune system, improved digestion, reduced risk of cancers and dementia, prevention of muscle loss and gorgeous glowy skin. I'll be real with you, I still have trouble some days getting myself to the gym. However knowing that one 30min session will greatly impact so many incredible areas of my life makes getting my butt sweating just that little bit easier.

Happy sweating you incredible creatures!