Must do glute activation exercises for a perky bubble butt

You squat, thrust and deadlift but your bum still resembles a sad pancake? Don't worry girl, I've got you covered, with 5 easy glute activation exercises that will have your derriere looking peachy in no time.

Thanks to Kim K, Beyonce, JLo and Nicki Minaj, a voluptuous behind is on just about every woman's mind. But without injecting or implanting how do we achieve such a dreamy bubble butt? Well you were right when you started squat-ing, hip thrusting and deadlift-ing, along with other lower body resistance training exercises. So why isn't it working? Well that's because your butt isn't activated.

Why is activation important?

For many women (myself included), the glutes are used for one purpose - sitting down. As we are becoming increasingly sedentary many of the large muscle groups that would once be really strong are becoming quite weak and begin to take the backseat and letting other stronger muscles take over. This can explain why even though you preform squats all day long your butt remains the same while your thighs or quads get more defined and stronger. Your quads are taking over while your butt hangs back and relaxes.

So why is activation important? All muscles need to be warmed up prior to exercise. By activating your glute muscle you will begin to be able to 'feel' the glute muscles and be able to focus on your bum while you squat. Over time your glutes will being to 'switch on' automatically and your butt will begin to strengthen and grow. Now I wont lie to you it is a journey, and this will take time, but the sooner you start the sooner you will reach your butt goals.

After activating your butt this is the best time to get back to your squats. Because your booty will be burning you will be able to connect to the muscle and can put more focus into initiating the butt during the exercise. But please note, your butt will be weaker than your quads. If you really want to build and grow your booty you will need to start lighter, otherwise your quads will just continue to kick back in. Sometimes the best way to start is a simple body weight squat squeezing into the butt the entire time. You will be surprised how hard this is.

How do I activate my glutes?

The below exercises can be included as a part of your normal workout. You only need to spend a couple of minutes here and will only need a small band. 1-2 sets of 8-12 reps and your booty will be on fire!

1. Crabbies

  • While standing, place the band around the legs just above the knee

  • Assume your starting position - feet hip width apart, slight bend in the knees and hips

  • Take a step to the left with the left foot then follow with the right, keep tension on the. band and keep your ankles under the knee

  • Repeat steps sideways for desired reps and then move back the opposite direction

2. Clams

  • Place band around your legs above the knees and lie down on your side

  • With one leg on top of the other, slightly bend the knees in towards your chest

  • Keeping the feet together, left your top knee as high as you can without rotating your hip

  • Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement, then return to the starting position

  • Repeat movement for desired reps and swap to the opposite side

3. Glute Bridge

  • Place the band around your legs above the knees and come to lay on your back, knees bent and arms by your sides. See if you can rotate your pelvis so you lower back is also supported by the ground

  • Press heels into the ground, squeeze your glutes and raise your pelvis off the floor until your hips are high and you have created a straight line from your chin to knees

  • Return to starting position and repeat for desired reps

4. Fire Hydrants

  • Place the band around your legs above the knees and come to a four legged position on the ground, hands under shoulders, knees under hips

  • While keeping your knees bent, elevate your right leg out to the side, ensuring that your hips and shoulders remain parallel with the floor

  • Lower your right leg to its starting position and repeat for the desired amount of reps. Switch sides

5. Kickbacks

  • Place the band around your legs above the knees and come to a four legged position on the ground, hands under shoulders, knees under hips

  • Keeping the knee bent, elevate your right leg back wards until the thigh is in line with your spine

  • Lower the right leg and return to starting position before repeating for the desired amount of reps. Switch to the opposite side

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