New Year Resolutions Reset

It's the final day of 2018! Like anyone else, I'm excited for a new start. I'm looking forward to a clean slate and new beginning to start pursuing my goals and chasing down my dreams. That being said, please don't ask me about my new years resolutions, I'm not making any!

Life is a series of moments. Hours within days, days within years and years within your lifetime. Years, put simply, are larger units of measurement that make calculating time easier. A year really indicates a length of time in which you have been given the opportunity to experience a vast variety of moments. Whether these are fun and easy-going or tough and powerful, all of these moments are times for exploration and growth. By thinking about the year in terms of moments and experiences, we are able to identify our roles in this thing called life and start to take responsibility for our decisions, our actions and their outcomes.

What has this got to do with the new year and resolutions? How many times have you started the new year with a grand plan, a resolution? How many times have you stuck to it? How many times have you made it past January? These questions aren't intended to put you down or make you feel like a failure, but are here to help unravel the truth of our patterns. In the past I have been a sucker for resolutions and have promised myself a profuse number of mammoth aspirations.

2015 - I am going to stay on track with uni, be completely organised, not going to leave things to the last minute, and exercise everyday.

2016 - Organise myself for the last year of uni, stay up to date, don't leave things to the last minute, exercise everyday and eat clean.

2017 - Find my dream job, stop seeking the attention of boys, be overall healthier by exercising and eating healthy.

2018 - Be the best and healthiest version of myself, consistent exercise and eating well.

Each year I would think about the changes I wanted to make in my life and they would become my resolutions. Resolutions generally come from that place of good intent, a place where you reflect and dream and although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, you could be hurting yourself in the process. Looking back at the resolutions that I made, I can see there is a lot of overlap and that is because these were the things that were really important to me and were ultimately the things I didn't feel I had achieved over the year. With my health goals, I would assess no improvement and restart the next year, telling myself this time I will actually stick to it and be better. Though there is no real end to be coming healthy and like any task that is difficult eventually my motivation would waver. Over time I would drop the ball and tell myself I have failed at becoming healthy. Long story short, I would break away from my resolution and rather than pick it back up down the track, I would drop it completely. This led to me consciously knowing I had failed my resolution within weeks of starting and subconsciously beating myself up about it and placing those ideas and dreams on the back burner until the next year.

Now all this talk about failed resolutions and discarded ambition may lead you to think I am going into this new year without much reflection or hope for personal change. This is a trick many people use, "If I don't have a resolution I can't fail", which is true, you will never actually fail at something if you don't try it first. On the other hand, you will also never grow or experience moments that align with your dreams if you don't work to change the patterns of life that you are not completely satisfied with. I am setting out a purpose for my new year. As I said earlier, I am excited to start the new year, excited for a clean slate and to alter my life in a way that truly benefits me and those around me. Confused yet? While I wont be setting a new year resolution I'll be striving to achieve my new goals.

Goals are something you see everywhere in life, from your own home to business and throughout sport. There are short term goals, long term goals, SMART goals and soccer goals. A goal is a term that is used throughout our daily lives and we subconsciously recognise that they are part of every day. Although some people are better at hitting goals, goals are something that everyone, with a little practice and hard work, can achieve. Goals are also more beneficial as they are generally broken down into parts and sections with one achieved goal leading onto the next. Rather than deciding I will be healthier this coming year I can create achievable and measurable goals that will help me identify if I really am accomplishing my desired intention. I can set a goal of going to the gym 3 times a week, of cutting out soft drink from my diet, of squatting 80 Kg or meditating for 10 minutes a day. All of these goals can be started with a measurable end and all add up and lead to becoming healthier. Similar to a new years resolution stating that I'm going to be healthier, however now I've put a definitive end to the goal and made it achievable.

So what is the point of this post? Why have I spent all of this time rambling about resolutions vs goals when really they are much the same. I write this because I want to succeed in everything I do coming into the new year. I want to see you succeed too. I want this next year to be one of great change and growth, of happiness and satisfaction. I would love to see all the ambition and passion I have for these areas of my life to become true and for you to be able to do the same. I would love to change the mind set of those who have either given up on resolutions or those who will ultimately drop the ball. I want you to know that it is normal to find change hard, that it is completely natural to struggle at times and to feel disheartened when this does occur. But I also want to instil in you with the power of knowing that you can always get back up and try again. Whether physically or mentally, you always have a decision that only you can make and that is whether you dust yourself off and try again or you stay down and beaten. Get out of the 'New Year Resolution' mind frame and start thinking about your dreams in the way of goals that can be started and attacked at anytime. It is truly these moments and decisions that will dictate your level of success and growth. By replacing the term resolution with the word goal you have just given yourself permission to restart your goals as many times as you need.

2019 will be a gorgeous year full of opportunity and success, all you need to do is decide what your priority is and fit that into goals that you go for each day and if you fail, that's okay, just pick yourself back up and try again. Happy New Year xx