When Did Health Become a Joke?

While away on a work conference I decided I was going to stick to my goals and stay on track health-wise. I did, and I am proud of myself however that isn’t the reaction I got off everyone...

I know that when I move my body regularly and fuel it with the right foods I feel a lot better, my energy levels stay high, I am more positive and my cognition is at its peak. I already knew that sticking to my goals while away would be a bit of a challenge. In fact I saw this as an awesome opportunity to test out my routine. I want to create a healthy lifestyle that can be flexible as well as sustainable in any situation. I mean that’s my big long-term goal, live a sustainable healthy life.

Out for dinner one night, it struck me as odd that my decision to order the steak and vegetable option unsettled others. My choice had sparked a conversation within the group about being on holidays and letting my hair down, I needed to be more fun and just relax. I stuck to my guns and honestly the steak was exactly what I wanted. I was craving good healthy nutrients and was even glad when it came out looking to be a much smaller portion when compared to everyone else’s oversized mountain of chips. Now I am not here to judge what the rest of the table was eating, they can do what they like, however it troubled me when the few decided to judge me.

Another shock was even the comment I received from the waiter “Here you go, here is your steak and veggies only. Eating clean are we? Getting a good bulk on?” NO! When did it become an odd thing to fuel your body?

When did making healthy decisions for your self become a running joke?

It occurred to me later on that night that maybe these comments weren't coming from a place of judging me. Maybe these comments where coming from a place of judging themselves. By me not conforming to the high carb dinner decisions and opting not to drink that night, it may have on a subconscious level initiated thoughts towards their own choices and health. Did I just make their subconscious feel bad? Well, never the less I ate my meal and felt incredibly good about it. It was delicious, I know it nourished my body and it was the correct serving size. I went home and slept easily that night and was even able to wake up early and achieve my own productive goals before work.

Even if your decisions in life land you in an area where you feel you are being laughed at for what you believe in. Stand up for yourself, smile at your laughing peers and let them know it doesn't bother you. They will be the ones feeling worse off in the long run. Also please everyone stop with the healthy jokes. We are all living this same crazy life, just trying to do the best we can.