Why you should celebrate yourself more

We celebrate birthdays, new years, anniversaries and other holidays, but do we ever really celebrate our own achievements?

As I am writing this, I am in disbelief. I had my last conference call for my Health Coach Certificate last night (one of the requirements for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition course). During the call myself and other students reflected on the past year, where we were when we started the course and where we are now. Pride filled my words as I talked about my own journey and how everything I have learnt will not only help me to change other peoples' lives but it has changed my own. Over the last year I have learnt to trust myself, to love myself and I now feel more confident than even. It was a huge moment for us all.

Our mentor emphasised how huge it was to have completed this year long course and while we still had a final exam in a couple of weeks it was time to celebrate. She said no matter what happens now; pass, fail, pursue coaching or not, the act of sticking to our studies for the year was a huge achievement and we need to celebrate that in order to really comprehend what a big decision and commitment that has been. As I got off the phone call I felt like I was floating, I was excited and proud. It wasn't long after hanging up that I got a notification of a new email from IIN (the Institute of Integrative Nutrition). I opened the email to see that although there was still an exam in 13 days, my marks and commitment to completing all the necessary requirements meant that I had already passed the course. In a couple of weeks time I would be getting another email saying that I was graduating.

With only 3 weeks until my wedding, studies continuing with my Personal Training Certificate, multiple jobs and interviews booked for the podcast (#thezestylife), I was relieved to know that I no longer had to stress about the final exam and last module assignment questions and quiz. I could now confidently call myself a health coach, and I did, all night long! So what does this all have to do with celebrating.

After I rushed out to tell Dave how incredible I was and that he could now refer to me only as 'Britany the Health Coach', I opened up my calendar and begun to shuffle my weekend commitment around. Since I didn't have to worry about my marks for my exam I could now spend more time writing notes for the podcast or watching the final lectures for my PT certificate. I reorganised my calendar so the only blank spaces I had were in the travel time between going to IKEA (for wedding decorations) and coming back home.

This is what I have always done, I reach a goal I set another. Uni's done, let's find a job... I can do one man push up, let's do 3... After the wedding I'll launch my new programs... I never stop to actually appreciate what I have achieved, I never take the time to celebrate the closing of a chapter or in many cases a book before flipping over to the next page. I celebrate my birthday, a new year and anniversaries but other than making it through each day theses really aren't things I have done anything to achieve, so why do I spend the time celebrating these while ignoring all my hard work.

After realising how silly this seemed I decided to clear my weekend, yes there are still some appointments I need to keep and while IKEA shopping is for the wedding I will have fun with that. This weekend I have decided there will be no study, no lectures, no pressure. I am giving myself time to celebrate all the hard work I have put into the last year and honoring the commitments I made. While I would love to take longer than a weekend with my schedule and goals at the moment I don't have more time to celebrate, but that is okay because by the time you are reading this I will have been on my honeymoon and will have slowly eased in to life again.

Have a think today about all the things, big or small, that you have achieved recently. Whether its in studies, your job, a huge milestone or a simple goal. Give yourself some space this week to appreciate yourself for the hard work and treat yourself. It could be as extravagant as a day off work and heading to a spa, or and evening in at home ordering take away and giving yourself a facial. Do something this week to celebrate you, because babe, you deserve it and you should be hella proud of yourself!

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