Simple and Sustainable Health and Fitness for those who have tried it all! Get real, long-lasting results! 

  • In person 1-on-1

    Personal Training

    In person 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are recommended for beginners to fitness that are able to attend the UFC Gym in Rockdale, NSW, Australia, see location below.

    These 60min sessions give you confidence in the gym, accountability to your goals and provide you with good exercise that will carry you along your health and fitness journey.


    What you get:

    • Initial 45min in person health assessment

    • Goal setting 

    • Body composition scan

    • Mobility check 

    From $70-80 a session

  • Holistic Health & Habit Coaching 

    Looking for support and guidance when it comes to nutrition, sleep and other health habits? Whether it's overcoming poor eating patterns, getting better sleep, drinking more water or prioritising self care.  

    This program helps you implement small sustainable changes that will shape your health for years to come. 

    What you get:

    • Initial 60min health assessment and goal setting session 

    • Fortnightly Coaching calls (60mins)

    • 24/7 messaging and support

    • Fortnightly challenges and goals with online tracking

    $30 a week

  • Online Personal Training & Health Coaching 

    Looking for a personalised program and the support of a personal trainer without the expensive cost? 

    You'll get the support and accountability as well as the knowledge that the program you are working through is made just for you and your goals.

    What you get:

    • Initial health assessment and goal setting session (45min call)

    • Personalised fitness programs that change every 4 weeks,

    • Fortnightly Coaching calls (30mins)

    • Habit based coaching,

    • 24/7 messaging and support

    $50 a week

  • Coming soon

    Stay tuned for a program that includes all the benefits of the Fitness & Health Program as well as nutritional support.

    $80 a week

For in person Personal Training sessions I am currently working out of UFC Rockdale Gym in Sydney. To find out more about this gym please go to their website here

Other fitness, nutrition and habit coaching is all provided online and via a smart phone app. 

If you have any questions about my location and in person coaching please contact me.

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